Diario de la marina : October 18 1959

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Using Spanish: A guide to contemporary usage Second edition

How does s he penetrate the complex web of differing meanings associated with a definite item of vocabulary? How does s he organize around this single item synonyms, antonyms, metaphoric allusions, register levels and cultural references which come naturally in the native tongue? Numerous volumes have been devoted to the topic, just as a welter of books have appeared which claim to increase our word power in a second language. Evidently, the real problem that presents itself en route for the learner of a second language is centered on the passage from first-time acknowledgment of a term or expression to its firm retention in the memory so so as to it may be exploited meaningfully at a later date. In other words, the second-language learner must be encouraged to move as of initial acquisition to a fixed and durable grasp of words, and to their committed and repeated use, in both oral after that written discourse. The present volume addresses these questions for those students who have before now embarked on the study of Spanish as it offers a finely structured university avenue founded on the exploitation of semantic fields. This course contains more than enough mobiliario for at least three years of complex study for students who have already progressed beyond a simple working knowledge of Spanish, both syntactically and lexically, although the dictionary of a few units at level 1 includes some basic words. It places a strong, emphatic accent on the active abuse of vocabulary by relating it to exercises designed to foster the exploitation of words in a given semantic context.

Using Spanish: A guide to contemporary usage, Second edition

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